Neil and Jennifer Lawrence

Missionaries - Africa

Neil and Jennifer Lawrence are COGWM missionary educators/evangelists in Kenya, East Africa, where they have been serving since 1993. They adopted their son, Joshua, in 2003 when he was 7 months old. Neil’s primary ministry is to lecture Bible, Theology, and Ministry courses at Discipleship College, a COG East African Regional Bible College. The 17-acre campus is located in Eldoret, Kenya where the Lawrence’s live. The student body is comprised of mostly Kenyans. Ministers from other African countries where the Church of God is located are also studying (Uganda, Ethiopia, Sudan, Tanzania, Burundi, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana). The opportunity to spend quality time helping form the students’ “theological/ministry world-view” is Neil’s greatest joy and definitely the focus of his calling.

The Lawrences are involved in Evangelism and Worship through Eagles’ Wings Gospel Team which they formed in 1999. As of November 2018 they have done 183 Gospel meetings all over Kenya and parts of Uganda. This ministry works with a local Church of God congregation to proclaim the Gospel in the open air. Students and graduates of Discipleship College are members of the team. These crusades (3 to 7 days long) have been held in market places, town centers, road-side centers, slums, and villages; in other words, “where the people are.” Thousands have been saved and hundreds of churches boosted through this evangelism ministry.

Eagles’ Wings Studio was created to minister through recorded music and video. The audio studio, formed in 2008, enables the team members to produce their own and other Christian artists’ Gospel music. The video studio is the location for the production of “A Higher Place” TV program. “A Higher Place” is a half-hour teaching/preaching program being broadcast nationwide on Kenyan television to a multitude of viewers several times each week since November 2015.

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