Don Seeders

Missionaries - SE Asia

Bishop Don Seeders Short Term Missionary Project No# 065-0501

Member of the FIND Coalition of Church of God World missions 

45 years of ministry experience in different areas of the church. The past 19 years

involved in World Missions as a Short-Term Missionary. 

Since the year 2000 have recorded over 400,000 air miles and visited 20 countries. 2005 to present I have been to Peru over 30 times and since 2012 been to India 7 times. 


1. Medical missions in the streets for the poor which includes examinations, medicine, blood test, echo grams, medical and Christian counseling 

2. Missions School in the city of Huancayo, Peru. Teaching youth to be missionaries in their country and through their profession.

3. Annual missions’ trip to different parts of Peru for the students to practice what they are taught.

4. Feeding and teaching Jesus to 50 youth in a poor section of Huancayo every Sunday.


1. Unreached People Group Conference (UPG) annually in the state of Rajasthan north west India. This conference is training to help about 100 workers in poor and remote areas. This state has anti conversion laws meaning if there is a Hindu converted to Christianity it is a 5yr. prison term. Also, where physical persecution is not uncommon.

2. Training coverts that are part of the UPG in Chandigarh in the state of Punjab north India. The training is intense to teach them in witnessing and church function so they can go among their different groups with the Gospel. Again, very much opposition to Christianity.  

3. Financial aid to some bible school students to send them out to reach the lost that has never heard of Christ.

4. Helping in various part of India to Spread the Gospel as funds allow.

NOTE: North India is the largest mission field in the world as far as population to those who has never heard the UNREACHED!  

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